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Our FRX100 III Housing is having a blast at the Volvo Ocean Race!

Team SCA, the only all-female crew in the race(!), is using the FRX100 III system to document the excitement and action. They've just began the 7th leg (out of 9) and sent us some spectacular images captured during the race so far.

We are proud of you all, mighty ladies! Now GO GET 'EM!

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The Volvo Ocean Race is one of the most challenging and grueling sailing races in the world. It is a "Round the World" race undertaken in the most extreme conditions possible. Lasting for nearly nine months - it's the longest sport event in the world.

The current edition of the Volvo Ocean Race started from Alicante, Spain on October 4th, 2014. The race will finish in Gothenburg, Sweden with a final in-port race on June 27, 2015. All together, the race includes 11 ports and 38,739 nautical miles.

Team SCA, the first all-female team to compete in the race since 2001-02 and at the moment - one of the 6 racing yachts left in the competition, approached Fantasea Line to supply them with a sturdy, compact and reliable waterproof housing system, so that their professional photographers could document this historic event. We are proud they chose Fantasea Line and our FRX100 III Housing for the Sony RX100 III.

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The following testimonials are from the two amazing and professional onboard reporteres and photographers who have accompanied the race (alternating) from the start.

Anna Lene Elled

"One of the biggest challenges being an on board reporter in the Volvo Ocean Race is to protect your equipment from the harsh environment. During a leg you experience more or less everything; heat, cold, humidity and you can count on lots of salt water everywhere. The fifth leg in the Southern Ocean, with start in Auckland and finish in Itajai, was extreme with a solid salt water spray on deck from day one. A proper waterproof housing is necessary if you want your camera to survive. I've been using the Fantasea housing for my RX100. It's small and light which makes life so much easier moving around on a healing boat slamming the waves or surfing down the swell in 30+ knots. The housing gives access to all essential camera controls and functions for shooting. I found it straight forward and easy to learn with clear labeling as reference until you get to know the buttons by heart. It's depth rated to 200 feet and now I'm looking forward to explore it's underwater capabilities."

Corinna Halloran

"The Fantasea underwater housing for the Sony RX100 mk3 is unbelievable. In the Volvo Ocean Race, solid media is vital for the future of the race, however often the conditions do not allow for a heavy, cumbersome DSLR camera like a 5D. The RX100 3 allows me to take full RAW photos, 4K video, and full HD1080 but it's no bigger than an iPhone. With the Fantasea housing, I can take the stellar images the camera allows me too, but in pretty heinous offshore sailing conditions. The housing is not only functional but also incredibly durable. Never have I doubted the safety of the camera inside the housing, despite getting pounded by waves. I can effortlessly (and quickly) change modes as I am pounded by waves. The housing is so small that I am never concerned about getting hurt per result of my kit. So many of my colleagues complain about their massive water housings to fit their DSLR cameras— their housing are so big and cumbersome that they are constantly asking themselves if the photograph is worth limb. I feel very fortunate that I have the smaller housing as I feel like I can go into the 'tough' spots to get that 'perfect shot.' I would recommend a shoulder strap; I had one made and it's made the housing 100% useable in nasty heavy weather conditions and still allow for the free use of my two hands."