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Amanda Cotton, a talented underwater photographer who has recently been induced into the Women's SCUBA Hall of Fame, shares her thoughts about the Fantasea FG7X Housing for Canon G7 X.

"Working with the Fantasea FG7X underwater housing along with the amazing Canon G7X inside was a true delight while diving in the remote and beautiful region of Xcalak and Chinchorro, Mexico.

The smaller size of both the housing and the camera allowed for much easier transport of equipment on the long days of travel. Carrying all gear for the camera, housing and BigEye Lens was streamline and compact, all fitting inside a well designed multi-compartment bag provided by Fantasea. I found the size of the rig to be a perfect fit on the smaller dive boats in the area, as space was a limited commodity. It also made for easy departures into the deep blue, as backrolling with the rig in my lap was a perfect fit.

As is standard with Fanasea housing I found the button placement and size perfect and easy to use. I really do love the design and effort they put into their systems. Using the BigEye Lens allowed me to capture wide angle imagery with ease, as the lens can be added and removed underwater as needed. Seeing that we were diving in shallower depths of blue water I opted to use the red filter by Fanatsea, which worked beautifully to add color back into the seascape and marine life.

Shooting video with this incredible Canon camera was easy and fun and I was thoroughly pleased with the resulting footage I collected along the reefs and wrecks in the area. For its size it was remarkably stable underwater and I didn't have trouble capturing steady results. The RAW files on the Canon G7X rival those taken with my larger DSLRs and I would be quite torn as to which camera and housing set up to take on any given diving trip.

Overall I loved this housing and camera and would highly recommend it to not only beginner and intermediate shooters, but to experienced divers as well. It was a pleasure to dive with!"

For more about the Fantasea FG7X Housing, visit canondive.com

For more about Amanda and her work visit - acottonphoto.com